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Gavin Mole

Sports Performance Director-Nutrition



Rick Hadwick

Sports Performance Director-Mental Skills




Dear all Parents, Players, and Coaches at Sting Soccer Club!​

My name is Rick Hadwick and I am the Sports Performance Director (mental skills) and head coach here at Sting Soccer Club. I wanted to take the time to introduce myself and explain a little more about the sports performance program, and specifically what I hope to achieve with the mental skills program.


What is Mental Skills Training?

Mental Skills Training (MST) comes from the field of sport psychology and encompasses evidence-based training to help athletes build resilience, manage emotions, and improve physical performance to accomplish goals. Mental Skills Training covers topics such as  motivation, confidence, focus, performance anxiety, and also helps athletes be resilient in the face of setbacks and perform under pressure.



Through the Sports Performance Program at Sting we aim to educate parents, players and coaches on the topics above, and encourage everyone to take an active interest in sports psychology and mental skills. Ultimately, we believe this will lead to building stronger more resilient athletes, who  can compete at higher levels, and most of all, who enjoy playing the game they love!  We know there are many challenges in youth sport today, and we can not change those over night, but we can help athletes in coping with those challenges and dealing with adversity. Additionally, to encourage our athletes to actively practice mental skills that are proven to have a real positive impact on performance.


Through presentations, workshops, sharing educational materials and creating awareness of the program, we want to reach every player, every family, every coach. In doing so, the impact of our clubs sports performance program will be immense, and I want to encourage everyone to look out for the information on this newsletter each month.


I hope to see you all at the parent meeting later this month...(details below) and look forward to having a real positive impact on your child's and your players sporting experience!


Coach Rick 



Dear Parents, Players, and Coaches,







My name is Gavin Mole and I am the Sports Performance Director (Nutrition) and head coach for multiple Sting teams. I wanted to give you a brief introduction of our Sting Sports Performance program and what we hope to achieve.


Why Nutrition Is Key to Performance?

Good nutrition is an essential part of leading a healthy lifestyle. When combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce risk of chronic diseases and promote your overall health.


Nutrition is even more important for sport performance, in addition to allowing for optimal growth and development. Macronutrients, micronutrients and fluids in the right amounts are essential to provide energy needed for growth and activity. To optimize performance, young athletes need to learn what, when and how to eat and drink before, during and after activity.


Through the Sports Performance Program at Sting Soccer Club we aim to educate parents, players and coaches on the topics above, and encourage everyone to take an active interest in how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We want to develop the whole player. Our fantastic coaches teach our players the technical skills and now we can also focus on the psychology (mental skills) and the fuel to perform (proper nutrition).


Nutrition needs to be a priority of an athlete’s training. What you eat daily, weekly, and monthly will affect your energy level, performance and overall health. Energy in means energy out! It is so important that a soccer player eats a well balanced diet which will help them to maximize their energy levels and perform at their optimal levels.


We aim to reach every parent, player and coach through in person workshops, presentations and educational content that will be made available in the sport performance section of our websites. Soccer and Nutrition are my two passions in life and It Is my aim to help guide all our wonderful sting-titan families to achieve success on and off the soccer field.


I will see everyone soon at our first parent education night!

Coach Gavin

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