Sting & Titans Player Development

As our Sting-Titans Leadership prepares to attend the largest Coaching convention in the world (this year in Baltimore), it seems pertinent to tie this into the first blog of 2020. Over the years, Sting and Titans coaches have attended numerous conventions - all across the country, bringing new knowledge and expertise back to the club. Never though, has our attendance and programming been on the scale it is this year! It is exciting times for the organization with the commitment to coaching education, enhancement of club culture and in turn, the investment in our parents and players, never greater.

Over the past 12 months or so, both Sting and Titans were granted Players First (P1) Status. A US Club Soccer initiative striving to identify the best clubs in the country based on a number of criteria;

1. Club Development

2. Coaching Development

3. Player Development

4. Parent Education & Engagement

5. Player Health and Safety

From a Club Development standpoint, our organizational structure and processes are second-to-none compared with youth soccer organizations across the country. With a highly skilled administrative team in support of an outstanding leadership and coaching staff, we continue to move forward on a daily basis.

In terms of Coaching Development, financial support and other resources have benefited several staff members to help achieve higher licensing. Our internal coaching education program has expanded with more divisional visits, webinars, more extensive orientation for incoming staff and much more.

Our Player Development pathway has evolved to be more and more defined. With the addition of a club-wide playing philosophy at 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11, an abundance of resources available and numerous programs and platforms to facilitate development, it’s never been a better time to be a Sting or Titans player.

Parent Engagement is at an all-time high. Investment in a new website, a greater social media presence, a revamped newsletter, periodic webinars and informational seminars are just a few examples. We have launched this blog for 2020 with a view to keep you further abreast with developments throughout the organization.

Last but not least, Player Health and Safety. Our code of conduct, club guidelines, partnership with Baylor Scott & White, warm up and cool down resources highlight just a few features that allow us to be well placed to keep our athletes as safe as can be.

With all of that said, as I shared with our leadership “it pays to hoist our sights if we aspire to be world class.” There are many areas within which we acknowledge we can improve. We must strive to be better. We must raise expectations. We must continue to learn. That is why such investment has been made to take 21 staff members along. It is acknowledged and embraced that we have a shared responsibility to provide our players, families, coaches and staff with the best possible environment. Through the program in place whilst in Baltimore, it is hoped to collectively identify areas for improvement, form tangible action plans and return to our home environments to implement them effectively.

We are committed to lift the organization to new levels and carry on the legacy of success that came before us. Here is to a great 4 days of education and growth in Baltimore!

Best Regards,

Stuart Hilton,

Sting-Titans Technical Director

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