Sting Soccer Welcomes Sting Alum, Kate

Sting Soccer Club would like to welcome Kate to our family! Kate won the ECNL national championship with Sting and then went on to win the SEC Championship with Texas A&M. We’re so happy to have you here! #stingsoccer #stingalum @ Dallas, Texas

“We are honored to have Kate back at Sting! We believe in creating relatable role models for our players, so to have a Sting Alum with her success now coaching at the club means we can show our girls how much they can achieve” - Nick Soutar

“Being back at Sting feels like I am coming full circle. Sting poured in years of time and effort to develop me into the person and player I am. Now I have the opportunity to invest my time into young players, and I couldn’t be happier!” - Kate

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