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May 10, 2020

Sting Soccer Contact:

Erin Medina COO




In a move that promises to have a profound impact on the youth soccer landscape in the Austin area, The Austin Texans Soccer Club and the Sting Soccer Organization are coming together to provide unparalleled opportunities for local soccer players in Austin. The new Sting Austin will feature recreational programs for players ages 3-19, Academy soccer for players ages 6-9, and a competitive program for players ages 10-19 that features every level of play, including the most elite platform in the nation – the Elite Clubs National League.

The coming together of the organizations was spurred by the desire to provide a new soccer solution to the players in Austin. The complete player pathway that features teams and programs at every level of play, along with a leadership staff that is aligned and committed to a similar vision and mission, creates a powerful dynamic that will ultimately benefit the soccer community as a whole. With four facilities in the Hutto, Pflugerville, Round Rock area, and additional facilities in the West Austin area, Sting Austin will look to focus on providing pathways to college through the league platforms in which they participate, including offering the boys program specifically a host of professional playing opportunities through organizational partnerships.

Austin Texans Soccer Club President Mike Connor said,

“The Board of Directors of the Austin Texans has always focused on providing the best opportunities for our players, families, alumni, coaches and staff. Sting is one of the finest organizations in soccer and is known and respected nationwide.  Sting has resources and a full time administrative and soccer staff, that will help our players develop both on the field and off. As a volunteer managed organization, we have studied the situation and are united in this decision and excited to come together with Sting Soccer Organization.”

JD Cochran, who will fill the role as the New Club Director for Sting Austin echoes the excitement of the board,

“I am excited for our staff to come together with the staff of Sting Austin. With Beau Brown as Director of the ECNL program, and the qualified staff we have within both organizations, the options for players is what Austin has been in need of for a long time. Daryoush Yazdani will be offered the position of Boy’s Director of Coaching within Sting Austin. We look forward to the doors this will open within both the boys and the girls programs. We are not looking to disrupt the team environment that has made Austin Texans the choice for many through the years, we are simply looking to provide more opportunities for our families, and look to the future with the backing of the Sting Soccer Organization.”

Sting Soccer Club Chief Operating Officer Erin Medina said,

“Sting has so much respect for the Austin Texans, they have a tremendous following through the programs they have created in Austin. More importantly, they have the same principles and vision as what we do at Sting, and that aligned mission will open up new youth soccer opportunities for Austin and the surrounding area.”

With the player pathways that are now possible through this merger, along with a professional organization that is committed to development at every level - players can look forward to a new era of soccer in Austin. The power of change can be profound.

A parent webinar for all interested players, and current Austin Texans and Sting parents in Austin is scheduled for May 13 at 7:30 Central to provide more detailed information and provide a forum for questions and answers. To register for this Austin specific webinar CLICK HERE.

**Please note: We are also holding a club-wide webinar on 5/14. This is a separate webinar to that noted above which is specifically for current Austin Texans members, Sting Austin members, and players interested in the new Sting Austin program.

About Sting Soccer Organization:

Sting Soccer Club was founded in 1973 in Richardson, Texas. In fact, it was the first and therefore oldest all-female soccer club in the U.S. Sting has also enjoyed tremendous success over the years, winning 12 USYS National Championships, 2 ECNL National Championships, and one Overall Club ECNL National Championship.  Sting has grown dramatically over the years into a professionally managed soccer club with a history of success on the field and off. Sting launched its boy’s division in 2009 under the name Titans Futbol Club. Titans has exploded on the boys’ soccer scene, and recently was rebranded as Sting. Sting is guided by its mission, “The Education of Life through Soccer” and aims to develop young soccer players that will excel well beyond their soccer years.

About Austin Texans:

For 15 years, and through various changes in the youth soccer landscape, the Austin Texans has served players and parents from the recreational level through high levels of select soccer. The Austin Texans, formed from PAYSL, HYSA, and RRSA, give players and their parents the full range of soccer programs with top coaches for the Round Rock, Hutto, and Pflugerville communities. Developing players to their full potential, both as players and as people, has been a key goal for ATSC. Fielding a wide range of teams for every age group we have continued through the years to provide numerous opportunities for players through our tournaments, college combines, collegiately and professionally while at the same time focusing on the development, education and licensing of our staff.  

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