Sting Austin and RGV FC Youth Academy Join Forces in the new ECNL Regional League


Sting Austin and RGV FC Youth Academy Join Forces in the new ECNL Regional League

Dallas, Texas -  June 22, 2018 - The Sting Soccer Organization and RGV FC Toros Youth Academy are pleased to announce a partnership between the organizations that provides the RGV FC teams in the 05, 04, 03, 02, 01/00 age groups the opportunity to compete as Sting Austin teams in the newly formed ECNL Regional League. The league will be comprised of the historical leaders of female player development in Texas and Oklahoma and will closely follow and embrace the core values of its seven members, forming an unrivaled cooperative platform of destination clubs committed to the advancement of elite female players.

Founding members of the new platform include each ECNL ‘All In’ club in the nationally regarded Texas ECNL Conference: Albion Hurricanes, Challenge Soccer Club, Classics Elite, D’Feeters Soccer Club, Sting-Dallas Soccer Club, Sting-Austin, and TSC Hurricanes. The league will provide a unique and clear development path towards collegiate, professional and international play. RGV FC Youth Academy Girls’ teams will have the opportunity to pursue this high level elite platform by joining forces with Sting Austin and representing Sting Austin in the ECNL Regional League. The highest level RGV FC Youth Academy players will also have the potential to compete nationally in the ECNL by having access to discovery player roster spots on Sting Austin ECNL teams and Sting Dallas ECNL teams.

The partnership creates the option for RGV FC Youth Academy teams to train and compete under the RGV FC umbrella, training with their highly experienced coaching staff and continuing to develop locally, while being able to play games as Sting Austin teams within the ECNL Regional League to further enhance development. RGV FC Staff will take the lead in coaching the teams as Sting Austin within league play and will be supported by the Sting Austin ECNL staff in a collaborative effort that will support the partnership and the elite development of RGV FC players.

The Sting Soccer Organization is pleased that the partnership has come to fruition as it represents how collaboration between two separate entities can provide an immense opportunity for players that would not have otherwise had access to participate in this high level competitive league platform.  With the quality and talent of the RGV FC teams in each age group, and a strong relationship between the two clubs, the future is bright for the RGV FC teams competing as Sting Austin within the ECNL Regional League.


RGV FC Youth Academy allows players, coaches and parents to participate in fun and dynamic soccer sessions on a year-round basis. The academy will provide a progressive structure that will focus on long-term player and team development through a combination of individual training and team-focused programs. Our main goal is to create a top-quality soccer institution with well-structured training sessions that will challenge players effectively.  RGV FC Youth Academy has a program for everyone, regardless of age or ability, from US Soccer Development Academy for the most committed and talented, to recreational leagues for those just learning the game. RGV FC Youth Academy offers elite, competitive, select and recreational programs that can meet your son or daughter's needs. For more information, please visit the RGV FC Youth Academy website at or call Diego Reyna at 956-878-2007.


The Sting Soccer Organization is the largest and most successful all female soccer club in the country. With 12 USYSA Championships, 2 ECNL National Championships, over 30 regional championships, and numerous state cup championships, the club has ranked among the nation’s best year after year. The mission of the Sting Soccer Organization is to support through their coaching, administration, and player policies the idea of The Education of Life through Soccer. The Sting Soccer Club has the focused goal to create a strong, complete soccer player; this coupled with the instillation of high moral value and character is paramount to Sting realizing success for each young female athlete to excel well beyond their soccer years. For further information, please visit the Company’s website at

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