The Little Stingers program and Sting Pre-Academy programs are professionally coached skills and game training programs for the littlest soccer stars! Instruction is imaginative, fun, and engaging with age appropriate and developmentally specific curriculum.
With boys and girls between 3-5, we begin with developing kicking, dribbling, running, and control. We also teach the importance of following instructions. As they progress, more challenging skills and new concepts are introduced, focusing on the development of individual motor skills and modeling the benefits of staying fit. Foot-eye coordination is integrated into our coaching sessions and basic concepts of working with a team are covered. The goal? All of our coaching lessons are delivered in a positive, inviting way to insure that we are uplifting spirits, promoting a love for the game, and teaching young players the skills that become the foundation for soccer success!


NTX Pre-Academy Director

Pammie Sichangwa


Director of Coaching

Matt Pitcock

(214) 726-6241

Director of Coaching

Ryan Davis