ETA General Information

Sting Soccer Club proudly presents the “Emerging Talent Academy” (ETA). Sting’s Emerging Talent Academy is an exclusive program that serves to provide players with supplemental training to further enhance awareness and ability in several areas. Developed by our ETA committee, the program is an extension to the Sting Soccer Club curriculum. Players’ are further challenged to develop the technical and tactical expertise to succeed at the highest levels of play.

The ETA is NOT about building teams or preparing a team for upcoming competition. It is a program focus solely on individual player development. These 3 principles are central to the curriculum design and programming;

  • 1. Repetition - Maximum repetition with the technical focus for the day. For example, if the technical focus is shooting, we will maximize the number of shots a player will perform throughout the session.

  • 2. Expert Instruction - Expert feedback and instruction from our staff to guide players to Improved execution and knowledge.

  • 3. Inspiration - Through a fun, engaging, positive environment, players are motivated and inspired to spend more time with the ball outside of the organized environment working on their skills.

Technical-Tactical development is the foundation of all elite level players and subsequently is the primary focus throughout all 4-phases of the curriculum. Phase 1 is a Summer Camp held in July / August. Phase 2, a 12 or 8 session curriculum from September to December. Phase 3 is a Winter Camp held in January. Phase 4, a 12 or 8 session curriculum from February to May. 


For Austin Summer Camp please note:

Our ETA Austin Summer Camp is open to all players regardless of soccer club affiliation. However, If you play for a club that is part of the USC Champion's League and are NOT a Sting Austin player, you must have permission from your coach to attend.

Summer I.D. & Development Camp

Fall 12-Week Program (CLUB)

Fall 8-Week Program (ACADEMY)

Winter I.D & Development Camp

Spring 12-Week Program (CLUB)

Spring 8-Week Program (ACADEMY)





*Programming may vary slightly by location*

Periodically, supplementary activities may be provided such as webinars, classroom sessions, gym sessions or visits to live soccer games locally. Utilization of research in sports psychology, nutrition, fitness & physical enhancement, sports science and match analysis will drive development in a holistic fashion to better prepare players for the demands of the game at the highest levels of play.