North Texas Administration
Principal/Executive Officer - Brent Coralli
Chief Operating Officer -Erin Medina

Austin Club Administration
Director of Club - JD Cochran
Director of ECNL - Beau Brown

Nebraska Club Administration
Director of Coaching - Ryan Davis

West Texas Club Administration
Director of Coaching - Matt Pitcock

Corpus Christi Administration

Director of Coaching - Tony McKernan

Academy Director - Anne Houliston

Pennsylvania Administration

Program Director - Ray Canevari

Local Registrar - Tracie Heckman

Louisiana Administration

Director of Coaching - Baton Rouge - Jimmy Cook

San Antonio Administration

Local Club Administrator - Rhonda Sayre

Local Club Administrator - Norma Miller

 CoVID-19 Response / FAQ


1. Will Sting be doing mandatory temperature checks at beginning of practice?


Sting does not plan to implement mandatory temperature checks at the beginning of practice. Our Return to Play Guidelines outlines that players / families take their temperature at home prior to leaving for the facility whilst also continuing to self-screen for any possible symptoms of CoVID-19.


2. What is the club’s policy in relation to players / families engaging in flight travel?


Players / Families engaging with travel should adhere to local travel guidelines:


Sting’s Return to Play Guidelines are in effect to minimize any possible risk of transmission within the training environment in line with State and CDC guidelines (varies by region)


3. What will the club do if season gets cancelled due to CoVID-19? Will there be a refund?


There are many factors that would determine how we would handle another shutdown or cancellation including duration of the shutdown, timing, plans for make-up of time lost, and how the leagues would handle such a shutdown. Any savings we would get from leagues, not paying referees etc. would be passed directly along to the teams. During the Spring, the organization was extremely proactive with Facebook live sessions six days a week, zoom training, and homework. The reality is that online training takes a tremendous amount of effort even more-so than in- person training, and this proactive approach allowed our players to stay sharp during the break we experienced in the Spring. Based on all these considerations above, the organization would come up with a plan as to whether refunds would be issued, and in what amount. Regardless, savings or refunds provided to the organization would be passed directly along to teams/members. Ultimately, if our families do not support the infrastructure that is currently in place, which includes staff, facilities, leagues, tournaments, etc. than that infrastructure may not be viable for a return. It is hard to deal in “what if’s” but we will respond appropriately when we know if and what we are faced with.


4. Will the club consider a “Pay as you Go” approach to the 2020-21 season? That way, if season gets cancelled, we can just stop payments at that point?

A “Pay as you Go” approach does not allow the organization to support the infrastructure costs necessary to operate. We rely on club dues payments to pay our coaching and administrative staff, operate and maintain our facilities (which still require continued maintenance even if they are not being utilized), and operate the organization as whole. See above notes in point 3 on how any potential refunds would be handled.

5. Will the Club refund / allow us to return unused uniform items if season gets cancelled?


The uniform package that is purchased in 2020 will remain the uniform kit for a two-year cycle. The next time Sting teams will purchase uniform kits is 2022. As such it is fully expected that there will be significant use of the uniform kit through a two year time period. So no there will not be refunds or returns on uniform kits.


6. What is Sting’s process if somebody tests positive for CoVID-19 on the team? 


  1. Any suspected or confirmed case of CoVID-19 within a Sting environment then this is to be reported to the club using the following form:

  2. Reported cases are reviewed on a case-by-case basis in line with local health department directive

  3. Subsequent steps are really dependent on the details of the case

  4. Coaches are informed of any necessary steps and required to execute accordingly

  5. Action could range from individual player isolation for a 14-day period to complete team / multiple teams 14-day shut-down / isolation if necessary to best ensure the health and safety of all concerned


7. Who can we report concerns to if protocols / guidelines are not being adhered to?


Stuart Hilton – Technical Director:


8. Am I required to train / participate?


There is no penalty or ill feeling towards a player / family that does not wish to participate in activity due to health concerns related to CoVID-19. Communicate with your coach.


9. Given the financial burden associated with CoVID-19, what is the club doing to provide some relief to families who are struggling to cover uniform and membership costs?


The finance office will work with families on payment plans for struggling families. This can be done with the finance office directly by emailing Autumn Smith, . There is also financial assistance available through the Sting Soccer Foundation:




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