Corpus ETA Contact:

Stuart Hilton

Technical Director


Summer I.D. & Development Camp

Fall 12-Week Program 

Winter I.D & Development Camp

Spring 12-Week Program






Spring 2022 Corpus ETA Information:

Spring program information coming soon.

Sting Soccer Club proudly presents the Corpus “Emerging Talent Academy” (ETA). Sting's Emerging Talent Academy is a supplementary program that serves to provide players with player-centered training to accelerate development in several areas. Developed by our ETA committee, the program is an extension to the Sting Soccer Club curriculum. Players’ are further challenged to develop the technical and tactical expertise to succeed at the highest levels of play. This Cycle will serve all competitive level soccer players aged U11-U19 from within or outside the Sting organization.

ALL Players are eligible to sign up: U11-U19

Technique is the foundation of all elite level players and subsequently is the primary focus throughout the curriculum. Periodically, alternative activities may be provided such as classroom sessions, gym sessions or visits to live soccer games locally. Utilization of research in sports psychology, nutrition, fitness & physical enhancement, sports science and match analysis will drive development in a holistic fashion to better prepare players for the demands of the game at the highest levels of play. 

The ETA is an elite environment that strives to prepare players for the demands of select soccer. Attendance at all sessions is mandatory and an adherence to a strict code of conduct absolutely necessary. Parents are exempt from observing from close proximity during field sessions. Failure to comply will result in immediate exclusion from the program. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Corpus ETA:

What is the Corpus Emerging Talent Academy (ETA)?

The Emerging Talent Academy for Corpus Christi Sting is a supplemental training program to further enhance awareness and ability in several areas. All competitive aged (U11-U19) players are invited to sign up - It is open to all! Developed by our ETA committee, the program is an extension of the Sting Soccer Club curriculum. Sessions are predominately held at Sting’s Bill Witt Complex in Corpus Christi (pending weather / availability.) A detailed schedule for the upcoming / current cycle will be outlined above.


Who is it for?


All competitive aged (U11-U19) players (Boys and Girls) are invited to sign up - It is open to all! No invitation is necessary.


What does the program focus on / include?


Players’ are further challenged to develop the technical and tactical expertise necessary for a successful transition into the higher levels of play. Repetition and teaching are highly weighted in favor of technical development. Our highly trained staff work to promote excellence with individual ball mastery, dribbling, running with the ball, turning and 1v1 attack/defense. The curriculum works on 4-session cycles with a focus on an individual technique in each cycle. 


Who will coach my player?

The program will be staffed by Coach Paul Bernal under the direction of Sting Technical Director Stuart Hilton. 

What are the benefits of being involved?

Aside from the obvious benefits such as improvements in playing ability through expert teaching and added repetition, other benefits include:

- Player Identification: Coaching staff are able to better engage in player identification for potential selection to Elite opportunities / Pathways

- Club Culture: Players are able to engage with various staff members and players from other teams within the Sting organization. An opportunity for players to take advantage of a vast knowledge and experience amongst the training staff. Whilst also, engaging with other players who may in the long term become a teammate and friend!

- Club Philosophy: Players are further taught foundational techniques, terminology and principles of play that align with the clubs vision and philosophy. Transition to the higher levels of play within the organization becomes much more ‘fluid’ - further enhancing the ability for success / impact.

- Accelerated Individual Development: ETA has zero focus on team preparation for weekend games or team tactics. The program focuses only on individual technical development through maximum meaningful repetition throughout each and every session.


- Individual Development: The ETA program does not cater to team preparation or team tactics. It's strictly designed to enhance individual player development primarily on a technical level. Achieved through maximum high intensity repetition with the ball and expert feedback throughout each and every session

- Program Email Summary: Participants will receive a program summary related to the focus of each session, major coaching points and activities utilized to facilitate further reflection, learning and inspire further practice at home.

What is the Corpus Emerging Talent Academy (ETA) Schedule?

  • Summer Camp (3-Day Camp in Summer July / Aug) - $100

  • Spring Program (12 Session Program Feb - May) - $240

  • Winter Camp (3-Day Camp in Summer July / Aug) - $100

  • Fall Program (12 Session Program Sept - Dec) - $240