STING "Four Points" Summer soccer programming;

Location: Riverplace 8820 Big View Dr, Austin, TX 78730

Date: Tuesday early evening; June 30th, July 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th

Saturday mornings; July 11th, 18th & 25th

*times assigned based on player age, gender and location; a Sting coach will email you following your rsvp. 


STING "Pflugerville/Hutto" Summer soccer programming;

Location: Riverwalk 1 Riverwalk Dr, Hutto, TX 78634

Dates: Wednesday early evening; July 8th, 15th 22nd & 29th 

Saturday early evening; July 11th, 18th & 25th

 *times assigned based on player age, gender and location; a Sting coach will email you following your rsvp.   

Having FUN, learning by PLAYING, and building character through SOCCER are what you can expect when you sign up your player for the Sting Austin Recreational program.

Our coaches create safe, challenging, inclusive soccer environments where players can experience the game, grow as individual players, learn sportsmanship and respect, and become a good teammate.

Through their recreational soccer experience, many players build the foundational skills and confidence to help them transition to more competitive Academy and Select soccer programs.

Critical to player success in our Recreational program is the support of the parent and volunteer coaching community.

Our Volunteer coaches are respected and community-focused in their contribution; and have great impact on the lives of the athletes within our program. They are provided curriculum guidance, coaching resources and access to coaching clinics by the Sting Austin Youth Development Director. 

Sting Austin strive to create a growing love for the game while providing a philosophy that supports the advancement of all levels and every player within the Recreational program. To register your player for Sting Austin recreational soccer, click here.

2020-2021 SEASON:

Birth year, season & training frequency matrix.


Please note, when determining the age group for a season, the year the season ends should be used for determining the birth year. Also note that the format “U followed by age” means that age and younger. For example, U8 should be read as 8 and younger.

Optional Skill development training; to help further develop skills, confidence and increase individual development. Skill development training for u7–u10 is offered once per week. For u11-u17 we offer optional paid skills development training once weekly (+$75 for 8 weeks). After you register for the recreational program there will be a separate event that you can sign-up for within your account for these optional skills.  

Players born 2011 (u10)–2014 (u7) are eligible to play Academy soccer instead of recreational soccer. For players who want to develop increased skills, play more competitive and have interest in preparing for the transition to select soccer, the Academy program would be a good environment for them. To learn more about the Academy program click here.


Players born 2010 (u11)–2004 (u17) are eligible to play Select soccer instead of recreational soccer. For players who are interested in a developmental and competitive soccer environment that is administered by professional youth coaches, to help players reach their highest potential. To learn more about our Select Soccer program please contact Sting Austin Club Director, JD Cochran, 832-721-6509


Days/times is unique to each team and times may change.  Each team will communicate these specifics with their families.  If there is a time or night of the week that you cannot practice, please make a note of it during the registration process.


August 1st – Recreational Program Registration Ends. Late registrations will be accepted, as available, for an additional $25 per player after August 1st, 2020.

August 14th - You should hear from your coach by this date, for U14 and younger teams. Some teams may not have a coach yet and you may not hear until one volunteers. Please consider volunteering to help coach your child's team!  


August 24th - Team Practices will begin

Games: All U8 and younger recreational games are played at Texans Fields at Riverwalk- 1 Riverwalk Drive, Hutto, Texas 78634. U9 and older home games will also be played at the Riverwalk complex.


Uniforms are ordered separately (est. $50 additional) through Royal Nation, by clicking here.


Deadline to order uniforms is August 1st, 2020.

These uniform kits are meant to be used for both Fall and Spring. Players MUST wear the correct uniforms.


Please direct all uniform questions to:

*Please note you will need a team ID to order your uniform. Click HERE.


Sting Austin clearly understand the supportive role that our parents play in the successful development of their child.  Therefore, we will strive to consistently communicate our objectives with the parents. To maximize the potential of a young soccer player, parents are expected to:

  • Encourage the player’s efforts and support the player’s results at ALL times

  • Eliminate instructions from sidelines-coaches will provide instruction, parents will provide encouragement

  • Please do not question the referee’s on field decisions, the laws of the game are upheld by unbiased referees

  • Display excellent sideline behavior-every family represents our club at all times and are great sportsmanship role models for our players.

For any questions regarding our Sting Austin recreational, Academy or Select soccer programs, please contact the Sting Austin Youth Director of coaching at




Thank you for your interest in volunteer coaching for the Sting Austin Recreational program.

My name is Brad Matheny and I’m the Sting Austin Youth Director. My role is to ensure we create a safe, fun and challenging soccer environment where players are able to learn and grow their experience in the game of soccer. I’m also here to support you as a coach within the Sting Austin program. Whether you are a veteran soccer player/coach, a “new to soccer” team parent stepping forward, a servant of the local community or a combination of these; I welcome you to the best job in the world. Even without a deep soccer playing background, you can be successful with the tools we provide. 

As a coach you have the honor and responsibility of impacting the lives of our youth. The Sting Austin program is focused on helping you make that a very positive impact. You’ll have age and developmentally appropriate activities and curriculum available to use in your training sessions, model coaching sessions, veteran recreational coaches to lean on and I am available to help you be successful as a coach.

If you are ready to help out, please click here to register as a volunteer coach and I’ll be in touch soon on next steps.

If you have any questions, please contact me at




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