The Sting Austin Academy program is a FUN and CHALLENGING growth focused program for girls and boys ages U5 - U10 years old. 


Our program is designed to create a SAFE and INCLUSIVE competitive soccer environment, allowing players to connect with their teammates and learn through engaging and enjoyable activities. Players will be actively playing while learning; no laps, lines or lectures. 


Professionally licensed coaches create play-based practice environments to encourage learning and quality improvement through organized, repetition and game-like activities. Coaches teach using guided discovery questioning, allowing players to solve soccer puzzles within the game. This approach facilitates the developing athletes to gain psychological confidence in problem solving along with technical/tactical & fitness experience they need to navigate developmentally appropriate soccer problems.  


The Sting Academy is committed to providing the correct environment and structure to create a well-rounded, competitive ready player. The objective of the curriculum is to develop each of the four components of a player: Technical, Tactical, Psychological, and Physical in a progressive and age appropriate manner. 


Sting soccer Academy serves as a bridge to competitive soccer and brings out a strong passion for the game! 

It’s both a challenging and rewarding experience for the players involved. 


Contact to join us for an upcoming training session and evaluation for our upcoming 2020-2021 Academy season.

2020-2021 SEASON:

Birth year, season & training frequency matrix:


Please note, when determining the age group for a season, the year the season ends should be used for determining the birth year. Also note that the format “U followed by age” means that age and younger. For example, U8 should be read as 8 and younger.


Days/times is unique to each team and times may change.  Each team will communicate these specifics with their families.  If there is a time or night of the week that you cannot practice, please make a note of it during the registration process


Tournaments are an awesome opportunity to continue to expose players to the cycle of development (train, game play, reflect, train again). The Academy teams will participate in 1-2 two tournaments per season and tournament fees are split evenly by participating players. Fees per tournament average $30-$45 per player.


Fall 2020

August 11th – 15th “4 Points” Coach Rob’s summer training continues this last week


August 17th, “4 Points” starts Sting Austin Academy Fall training program with coaches Hillary and Brad (Monday & Wednesday sessions 5:45-7pm


August 18th, “Pflugerville/Hutto” start Sting Austin Academy Fall training program with coaches Dane, Alex and Brad (Tuesday and Thursdays sessions 5:45-7pm


September 26th, Fall league play starts; 

Schedules will be announced mid-September

September 26th – November 7th = Academy league games

October 3rd, Fall Academy festival (block play begins)

November 14th Winter Academy festival

December 10th, last day of Fall training

January 25th, return to spring training     

Games: Academy home games will be at Hutto Fields at Riverwalk- 1 Riverwalk Drive, Hutto, Texas 78634. Academy away games will be in the greater Austin area at our opponent’s fields.

Academy late fee: late registrations will be accepted, as available, for an additional $25 per player.


4 Points area (Steiner & Riverplace): “The WEST”

Tuesday, 8/11 - River Place - 8820 Big view drive . 

Tuesdays Boys 6 - 7 & Girls 7:15 - 8:15


Thursday, 8/13 - Bella Mar Pool, 12401 Bella Mar Trail, Austin, TX 78732 - 

Thursdays Girls 6 - 7 & Boys 7:15- 8:15

Saturday, 8/15 - River Place - 8820 Big view drive - 

Saturday Girls 8:45-9:45am & Boys 10-11am

Training Program

Monday, August 17th - River Place - 8820 Big view drive . 5:45-7pm

Wednesday, August 19th - Bella Mar Pool, 12401 Bella Mar Trail, Austin, TX 78732 . 5:45-7pm


Monday and Wednesday 5:45pm repeating through the Fall. As the “4 points” Academy continues growing, we’ll adapt the training groups, times and locations. 


Hutto/Pflugerville: “The EAST”

Tuesday & Thursday, August 18th - 303 E Pflugerville Pkwy, Pflugerville, TX 78660 – 5:45-7pm


Tuesday and Thursdays 5:45-7pm repeating through the Fall

Training Reminders & Notes: 

All Academy players for now can wear whatever soccer gear their most comfortable in, and later when our Academy training gear arrives (see attached pic for Academy uniform package) we’ll move to wearing that gear. 

Please do wear shin guards, bring an inflated soccer ball to training and plenty of water. 

All Austin Academy players are welcome to also attend training at the other location (for no additional charge) if you don’t mind the drive, and want more soccer!

Any select players on this email who want extra training, are welcome to attend if/when able. 

Current approach, we’ll have Academy pool sessions and sub-divide into developmentally challenging and competitively appropriate groups at the fields.


Uniforms are ordered separately ($73 for U5/U6, $155 for U7-U10) through Royal Nation, by clicking here.


 Timeline to order uniforms to receive before season openers is August 14th, 2020.       

These uniform kits are intended for two years, unless players need to purchase a new uniform due to growth. Players MUST wear the correct uniforms.

Please direct all uniform questions to:


Your player will be best set up for success in an environment where development is paramount over results. Sting Austin clearly understand the supportive role that our parents play in the successful development of their child.  Therefore, we will strive to consistently communicate our objectives with the parents. To maximize the potential of a young soccer player, we partner with parents and ask that:

  • Encourage the player’s efforts and support the player’s results at ALL times.

  • Eliminate instructions from sidelines-coaches will provide instruction, parents will provide encouragement.

  • Please do not question the referee’s on field decisions, the laws of the game are upheld by unbiased referees.

  • Display excellent sideline behavior-every family represents our club at all times and are great sportsmanship role models for our players.

For any questions regarding our Sting Austin recreational or Academy soccer programs, please contact the Sting Austin Youth Director of coaching at





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